Helping to grow the economy through beneficiation of stainless steel

About Mpumalanga Stainless Initiative

Our History

Mpumalanga Stainless Initiative (MSI) was established in 2001 and registered as a Non-Profit Company on the 24th December 1999. We are located at the Old Middelburg Show Grounds in Zuid/Suid Street in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa.

We have entrenched ourselves as the only incubator in the steel sector that specialises in stainless steel knowledge exchange, shared infrastructure and technology support services to the unemployed, struggling entrepreneurs or SME’s at one enabling environment and location.

Our Vision

Grow the economy through stainless steel beneficiation

Our Mission

Nurturing sustainable SME’s

Our Values

Product Innovation

Service Excellence



To provide support services to new, unemployed, struggling SME’s in the steel industry with specialisation in Stainless Steel, so as to improve their efficiencies and quality of product and service offerings through joint access of technology, skills development and markets.

To promote domestic stainless steel beneficiation through the establishment of small and medium sized businesses

To transfer knowledge in the stainless-steel manufacture and design to historically disadvantaged individuals

To ensure that these skills are effectively employed in commercially sustainable businesses


To structure business and innovative technical development processes, industry and market exposure and strategic partnerships with corporate and government organisations so as to be the stainless-steel hub of domestic and international quality and excellence that stimulates economic growth and sustainable SME development through incubation


Existing unemployed, struggling stainless steel beneficiates who have work experience or informal sector businesses.

Graduates or Entrepreneurs who have qualified or been accredited or are currently studying courses in stainless steel manufacturing. YOU WANT TO START A BUSINESS


Existing unemployed, struggling stainless steel beneficiates who have work experience or informal sector businesses.

# Phase Title Timeline
1. Pre-Incubation Development Program (PDP) 6 month development contract
2. Incubation Performance Program (IPP) 30 month performance contract
3. Graduates/Exits Support Services Contract (GSSC) Ad-Hoc contract

3.5 Hours of Service linked to Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) contracted within a Monthly Performance Development Plan

MSI Service Intervention Key Performance Areas
Business Technical Entrepreneurial
Legislative Compliance & Governance Facility, Technology & Access Control Branding
Linkages Funding & Market Networks Operations & Production Management Mentoring & Coaching
Financial Management Quality Management Monitoring & Evaluation
HR Management Design Management Workshops/Events/Seminars

Applications are available at our premises, via email or download from our website!

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